Winter Skin can mean Dry Skin.

For some people, Winter changes everything about how their skin looks and feels but for others there are no signs of any changes.
Flushed cheeks, chapped lips and tauter skin can develop. Hibernation won’t work, like it does for some of our friends in the animal kingdom, so brave it we must!

But why do some people escape the cold with no signs of dry, itchy, or dull skin?

Well it’s simply because  their skin has the ability to retain healthy water levels which keep the top layers soft, smooth and with that natural glow.

And as Makeup Artists what do we do?

When prepping a client’s skin before make-up application (one of the most fundamental parts of your ritual) this is your time to observe the skin type and its current condition, and where your valuable advice will come into play. This is often where you can and will differentiate yourself! My clients have zero outbreaks and will always comment on how great their skin felt after prep and another of course make-up application.

Water, water, water

So water, water, water! What goes on your skin is as important as what goes into your body!
Dehydration is the cause of many problem skin reports at this time of year.
If their skin is calling for help what you really ought to use are products containing skin-repairing ingredients that prevent moisture loss and enhance skin’s natural ability to stay smooth, glowing, and soft.

Gentle Cleanse and Make-up Remover

I particularly love to use Gentle Cleanse and Make-up Remover by the Green People when it comes to make-up removal and cleansing, an all-in-one pump action bottle. It removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner in a few wipes. Genius!

Your clients will seek your advice and opinion on all manner of things – so take time to visit the various department stores and ask the counter staff for leaflets and product information. What are their best sellers? What’s coming soon?

Organic where possible

I am also a huge fan of organic where possible and an all-time favourite classic of mine for a great moisture surge to the skin is a combination of mashed avocado and Manuka hone. Add a fair amount firstly like a face cream and really massage into the skin. This will start to dry. Once it does add a thicker layer onto the face, even eye area, and leave for 10 minutes before washing off. Your skin will feel glowing and have a wonderful natural moisturiser feel due to the avocado oil.

If you’re looking for a bottled version and that little extra to help the skin on colder days try: ‘Babaria Twenty’ – Avocado and Aloe Vera face cream! It’s amazing….

So what do you use? and more importantly why? Let me know and continue this discussion in the comments below!