Am I going to get work after I do a MACH Master class ?

Once your Masterclass is complete, we then start the next process which is monitoring your progression. For those new to the industry, we will place you on smaller bookings or as a 2nd artist with our Key artists first…
I have been in the industry a while and have refined your skills or added a new skill to your business with one of our classes, then following your progression and seeing updates, we will place you on MACH bookings when appropriate for your location, availability and skill set.


How much do your Makeup & Hair courses cost?

Please email us or call the Office for full details.
MACH Office/Studio: +44(0) 1367 241 044
Our Masterclasses all vary in price based upon your own individual needs. The Masterclasses are tailored to suit you.
We will arrange a time to talk through with you, your present business and areas you need assistance with in terms of skills


Where will the Masterclasses take place?

We are based in The Cotswolds – a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the heart of England.
The nearest trains are Oxford, Swindon, Kingham, Abingdon all within 30/35 minutes.


How long is the Makeup / Hair training?

Our 1 to 1 Makeup / Hair Masterclasses are from 1 day to 3 days.


How long is the combined Hair & Makeup training?

Our Hair & Makeup Training Masterclasses range from a 1 day to 4 days according to your requirements.


Do I get a certificate after finishing my Masterclass?

Yes you will receive a certificate following the completion of your Masterclass detailing the one you did: MACH Management Masterclass by Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist.


Do I need to provide my own equipment?

All Makeup and Hair styling equipment will be provided throughout your training using luxury brands including: Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Dior, YSL, Nars, MAC, Clinique, Lancòme, Kiels, Aveda, Paul Mitchell, TiGi, Bumble & Bumble.
All styling tools also provided.

It is also recomended to bring with you any kit you may have in order for Claire to assess it and advise of the multiple ways of using your products in diverse ways. You may have some products that are wonderful and yet you haven’t known how to use them. This will all be shown.


Do I need a model or do you use Dummy heads?

We either provide you with a model but this is chargable or you can provide your own model at no charge of course.
We do not use dummy heads simply because when blow drying or understanding the tautness needed on certaining styling techniques, you need to receive feed back from the client about how it feels comfort wise etc…there are many reasons to not use a dummy head in training – but super handy for practicing on once you have learnt your new skills

Are the masterclasses group training?

Our Masterclassess are 1 to 1. We do however offer small group bookings up to 4 people that can work on each other when these are for specific requirements. For example: refreshing on blow drying and pinning hair up. Or The Art of Makeup Eye lining, contouring and quick change. These can all be done in a shorter time frame and work well as a small group.


How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer.


When can I take my Masterclass?

You can take your Master class at any time throughout the year to suit both your schedule and ours.


What are the benefits of doing one of your Portfolio Shoot Days as opposed to test shoots with various photographers?

– Our photographers are from leading luxury magazines and commercial backgrounds – a testing photographer may not turn up!

– Our elite photographers will explain to you and teach you also about the jmportance of lighting and how best to work on set with a photographer
This is something invaluable that can’t be achived anywhere else unless you pay several thousands to be by their side in the training provess.

– We have access to professional models that won’t let you down. We always have a contingency plan of the models are ill or late or car broken down.
You can also provide your own models.

– We have a unique location in which to not only train in but also to utilise and use ever space you wish. From our Woodland, Lakes, Fields, endless props and antique pieces, these can all be used anywhere to create your set and tell your story.

– We have access to designer clothing, brands and products that can feature in your shoot at no extra cost

– a huge range of back drops, all manner of lighting and Mother Natures own – her natural light.

– All Makeup and Hair equipment is supplied

– You have all the images back to you within 2 weeks.

– You have the option to create up to 6 set ups in the day and if you are relively quick this can turn to 8 with ‘quick changes’ for example

More about our Portfolio Day – click here

Do you provide the models?

You have the option to bring your own, and we suggest 2 models, but they must know how to model professionally, or we can provide 2 models but there are chargeable fees.

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