If you are an Artist – creativity is born within you. You are an individual, and that is why our hair & make-up training Masterclasses are all bespoke, and tailor made/designed for the individuals needs and business. We will ensure that you are tutored in all the necessary skills and attitude to bring your creativity to fruition. In consequence the appropriate clientèle will be attracted to your business.

We work at your pace, using simple techniques that once mastered in your class can be elaborated and built upon to encourage further creativity. We also try to push you when we feel you are capable of more. We encourage and guide you to realise your true ability and talent, this increases confidence two fold -firstly, in how fast you improve and secondly how quickly you are able to move fluently forward onto the next subject.

It is then a simple case of practice makes perfect, but the grounding and essential foundations are laid through our masterclass hair & make-up training.

A very important aspect of any artists business is their beloved Portfolio, as it is known to us, your ‘golden ticket’! This must reflect not only part of your personality as well as show casing your alter ego, and beyond but also the quality of the images should be ‘front cover’ worthy, and tell a story.

At MACH the development of your career is most important to us, as you then carry our name forward. We offer a full managed after care service and are always on hand to support ,offer help and advice when needed. This is all part of your Masterclass package.

Following your training, we will then offer you our guidance in order to correctly implement your marketing strategy. This would include a very important element, should you require it, a fully optimised business website and app where your images will make their staring role.

There is also always in the forefront of our mind, the goal being, for you to welcome the prospect of being part of our MACH Team as an elite artist.

We are very proud to support artists from the initial first contact, be it call or email, and offer guidance and that warmth that many people need. We have changed artists lives, when in some cases they have been totally lost, without any focus, or anyone around them believing in them. We hear ‘my parents say I should get a proper job’ week in week out, and it is our role in this saturated industry to outline very clearly that if artists are followers, they will end up in the majority of artists struggling, and therefore charging pittance for their work in order to just pay their bills.

It is the minority of artists making a very substantial living from their art that are individuals with a focus, a goal, a drive, a presence and a personality that will help to take them to the very top of their career.

Our moto is: ‘You are never classed as the student, always as the artist’

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