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MACH BEAUTY TEAM – Beauty & Holistic therapies


De-stress and regain your focus with professional and efficient mobile beauty and holistic therapy treatments from MACH Beauty, across London and beyond…

MACH Beauty provides “In Room” treatments for private residences, hotels, events and weddings throughout London and the surrounding areas. All of “The MACH Beauty Team” are interviewed and assessed and in consequence we are proud to say we have some of the very best therapists in the UK.

With over 350 Therapists available in the UK and overseas we offer a full range of premium treatments from full body massage, aromatherapy and Indian head massage to manicure, pedicure and facials.

We are very proud to serve some of the finest venues in London and across the UK.

We welcome enquiries for planned events as well as for any last minute emergencies.

This service is available to you at any time day or night, and because of this we believe that you should never have the worry of sourcing therapists again.

To receive details of our full range of treatments and our brochure please use our contact page.

“The MACH team have provided Belmond Le Manoir guests with ‘in room’ beauty treatments, Make-up and Hair styling. They have added the final touches to many weddings and landmark occasions.  Belmond Le Manoir and MACH strive to exceed the expectation of our guests in all that we do. MACH Management has gained our confidence and we look forward to continuing a great relationship.”

Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons – Great Milton, Oxfordshire






The MACH Beauty Team is proud to be using the Green People products for some of our exclusive treatments

Green People

Green People




MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Azolla“ A’zolla” – Deep Tissue, Full body Massage – 60 mins or 90 mins
Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, except the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).


MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Cardamine“The Cardamine” – Aromatherapy, Full body Massage – 60 mins or 90 mins
An invigorating and energising holistic massage designed to leave you full of energy and vitality. The massage movements encourage circulation, tone muscles and stimulate the whole body.


MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Balgoya” Balgoya” – Energising Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage – 45 mins or 60 mins
A wonderful invigorating massage set to energise your system. Concentrating on those key problem areas – neck, back and shoulders, you’ll feel the enormous release throughout your system.


MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Betula“Betula” – De-stress-back Massage – 45 mins or 60 mins
Tailored to your specific problem area on your back. Using a series of deep tissue movements followed by continual long strokes in and around your point of discomfort, aids in positive circulation. You will feel the warmth deep within the core and any tense muscles in the back will start to be woken.


MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Alfalfa“Rose” – Blooming Mums to be. Pregnancy Massage – 60 mins
A nurturing full body massage using safe, slow considerate movements and techniques focusing on areas of concern during pregnancy to relieve and reduce stress especially in the lower back, neck, hips and legs. Head Massage, legs & feet, hand & arm, Legs & Feet.




MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Dewberry“ Lotus” – 60 mins
A seated massage using ancient massage techniques. Total rest and freedom for a tired head and a stiff neck. After a gentle face exfoliation, this de-stressing massage reduces muscular and nervous tension and improves circulation leaving a feeling of tranquillity. It also reduces aches and pains associated with long journeys, too much time at the desk or when you’ve been under the weather.




MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Gloriosa“Gloriosa” – 60 mins
Reiki is a Japanese technique designed for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.




MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Hibiscus“Hibiscus” – 60 mins
All are customised or prescriptive Facials – tailor made to suit specific skin type and concerns using an array of luxury brands. Prior to your treatment you will receive a consultation with your therapist.


MACHBeautyTeam_GreenPeopleAgeDefy“Green People Age Defy+ Organic” – 60 mins
As you age, your skin will start to show signs of dehydration, age spots and a slow down in cell renewal.
Age Defy+ combines the miracle of nature with the brilliance of science to combat these symptoms and offer optimum skin regeneration, moisture balance and deep hydration.




MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-Harlequin“Harlequin” – 60 mins
Mani/File, finger soak, cuticle work, hand massage/moisturise, polish of your choice
Pedi/ File, foot soak, cuticle work, foot massage/moisturise, polish of your choice.

MACHBeautyTeam_Treatment-DeluxeManiPediDeluxe Combined Mani/Pedi – 120 mins
The ultimate luxury treatment for both hands and feet.
Exfoliation, file, finger soak, cuticle work, hand and arm massage, polish of choice.


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